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National Association of Shopfitters
WHA Shopfitting are proud members of the National Association of Shopfitters, and have been since 1997. Today's shopfitting projects embrace more than just shops. The skills

required extend far beyond joinery. The business is increasingly international. Yes, in this fast changing industry, one thing is certain, the National Association of Shopfitters is providing expert guidance us members and clients alike, down to the last detail.

As a NAS shopfitter we are professional, blending traditional skills with modern business ability and technical expertise. It is only by being a master of all these diverse talents that members can deliver the best possible results on time and to budget.

Environmental Policy
WHA Shopfitting Ltd acknowledges its responsibilities in protecting and preserving natural resources and other environmental assets. WHA Shopfitting Ltd aims to conduct all its affairs in accordance with the dictates of sound environmental protection practices, including pollution prevention wherever reasonably possible. WHA Shopfitting Ltd shall also avoid, minimise and appropriately mitigate adverse environmental impacts. These undertakings extend to the construction, maintenance and operation of its systems and facilities. Legal obligations in these matters are established by applicable laws and regulations; this Policy Statement is not intended to create further or additional legally-enforceable requirements.

To support the performance of WHA Shopfitting Ltd’s responsibilities and undertakings, WHA Shopfitting Ltd is committed to: